SaturdayGallery  hopping turned art festival Asheville NC

Happy Sunday my fellow bloggers. I hope you are having a wonderful day. My hubby am I decided this yesterday to go gallery hopping. For those of you who dont know what that is. It’s when you go to an area that has a lot of art galleries and you go to each one😁 most of the time we go to Greenville Sc because it’s closer to us. Yesterday we went to Asheville NC which for those of you who has never been. Asheville is the most colorful city I have ever been to. And I’ve seen a lot of cities. It has a very hippy vibe to it and

They  literally have art every where you look. Like I said very colorful and there is always something to look at. So my husband and I get there and what do we see? An art festival going on! I had no clue as I didnt research what was going on in the area before hand, like I said we were just intending on going to some art galleries. Now I know that it’s not normal for one artist to promote another artist. But I am not normal by no means and dont really give a hoot what other people think I should or shouldnt do. To me if your talented, your just talented if you create work that can catch my eye. I want to praise you and I want to share your work and the artist that creates it. I say kootos to you for being inspiring. So with that said here are some of the amazing art work that I came across that just took me by the hand and pulled me to the piece and the artist. Those of whom that would let me take pictures atleast and artist, really when your at a show, showing your work let people take pictures. You never know what opportunity you might be passing up when you dont. Get them to take a picture of it with you in the picture. It’s all about exposure.


I am going to start of with Sabrina L. Fray @             Sabrina was my favorite  when we walked up to her booth I saw signs that I thought  said dont touch! but as I got closer,  because  I am really blind as a bat. I saw it said” please touch everything”. That got me supper excited,  Because  its human nature to want to touch. Anyways so this lady does all her art out of beads.. yes you heard me right beads. And they are truly  stunning as you can see.

Next we have copper wiring tree art!
Bob Mandala. @                            very nice guy. Bob Make these trees out of copper wiring.  Very talented And supper friendly. He also has some work in some galleries  in Greenville  SC that my husband  remember  and he confirmed  it. I just cant remember  which one it was but when I see it again I’ll be sure to let you know.  The best part, when I got his business  card it says “A message from the heart” I loved that. So go and check him out you will not be disappointed.
This lady right here. I absolutely  loved her and her work! That work of art in the picture  above  is made of felt. Yes felt and she makes the felt her self! Such a sweet lady. I asked her if I could take a picture of her work  and maybe one of her with the art work and she asked me. ” you want to take the picture  with me”?? Well yeah 😍 of course  but I didnt want to be that weirdo😁
Her work clearly  shows  she is just full of love💗
You cant really see from my pictures  but there is so much texture  in to these pieces and things popping out.  It makes you want to touch it to see what it is. Please check this amazing lady out. Smadar A Livne @

This is an oil painting and I love all the texture in this artist work
I tried to take a side view so you could see the textures in the piece. Very friendly man as well. Joachim McMillan @

This was some more copper and bronze work that I loved but didnt get a chance to talk to the artist as he was busy selling his work. But absolutely beautiful craftmanship
There was no artist in this booth but this was some wood work. I really like wood
work because my dad does it and really brought me up around doing it. This was very unique though, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.
I’m not sure if these where apart of the art show or just some of their many statues they have around the city.
Nope.. I was just kidding I can clearly see the artist sitting in the background there with the name tage on. You See him? With the black hoody looking like he’s freezing.
This however is one of many statues that you will come across walking downtown Asheville NC

What a wonderful day. Thank you hubby! I really need that. So much inspiration in one place fills my heart. Not to mention my brain. I must say my wheels are turning now. đŸ€ŻđŸŽšđŸ˜Ž I hope everyone has a blessed day and until next time. Stay humble be kind and most of all the power of love.

Stepping out of the box

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog. I’ve been very sick for the last week so please forgive me.  In this blog I am going to talk about stepping out of your comfort  zone, out side of your box. There’s a saying that the only thing that stops you from being great is fear and fear its self and once you over come that fear. Look fear square in the eye and say you no longer have power over my life, beautiful things begin to happen. You find yourself believing in yourself. There is a man that I have been following  and studding  for the last about 5 years. His name Forrest  Fenn and if you dont know who he is, google him, Such an amazing guy. I well tell you alittle  about him. He is a man from Santa fe New Mexico and he is the biggest art guru in that area. This man has inspired me to not only think out side my box but to actually  go outside  of my box. So I wanted to share my work with him and gift him a piece  of my work. About three, four weeks ago I reached  out to him by telephone, explaining  to him what I wanted to do for him and sent him pictures of my work.  He sent me an address  to send him my work by email and so for the last three weeks except  for last week when I was deathly I’ll . I have been working none stop on his piece  of art. I am happy to say it is finally  complete,  And ready to be sent out. Now I am a black and white  artist, sketch artist for as long as I can remember and color has never really been my thing until now.  I chose a picture out of his book that was a black and white  picture  that was talken in the early 1900s and has never been in color to my knowledge. I re created the picture with my plaster art and painted it in color. Now like I said color is a working progress  for me, but while I was sick I began to watch  Bob Ross on YouTube.  So when I started feeling better  I completely  re painted the entire  piece, because  I had it mostly painted before I got sick, I learned quite a bit, first what ever you are painting on needs to be wet a white wet base coat is best. Bob ross uses a liquid white, but he also uses oil paints as well and I do not. I use acrylic paint which is much thinner. So instead what I found worked well was adding water to my white paint making it supper thin but not so thin the paint wont stick. I coated my peice with that first and then went over it with color. This allows the colors to blend more easily. I also learned to not be afraid of large brushes, such as 2″ brushes. They actually create beautiful paintings and textures. They also allow you to flow the colors move evenly so they look lineless or seamless. I have to tell  you I impressed  myself. Moral of this story  even when you think you cant. You can! all you have to do is just try. Educate yourself alittle and put your knowledge and imagination to work, Anything is possible.  in the blog I posted a picture of the actual picture that was taken in the book, and the one I recreated. Also what it looked like before I got sick. Ta ta for now! Always remember be kind, stay humble and most of all the power of love.. bless be Felicia

The original picture

What it looked like before I got sick

I am adding more to this. I took pictures of this pieces entire process and I thought you might would like to see how it was done step by step. Remember I do these all by eye and it’s done with plaster

Step one forming mountains
Step two add clouds and second layer which for this one was the horses and man.
Step three add the horses head to stick out. I do not just use plaster for parts that stick out like the horses head. You have to have stability and the plaster alone is not strong enough by itself to from a head like that. It will be a blobby mess
Was not happy with how my horse was coming out. So I just kept adding details like my dad told me to do..
Ready to be painted.
First layer of paint because remember when painting landscapes you want to layer your colors
Coming along
Coming along then I got sick and stopped for a few days. Watched bob ross and other artist durning this time
As I am now feeling better I started completely over
Looking better with each bruch stroke
Until complete. I am quite proud of this as I am not a colorful artist for one. Meaning I dont use color I am a sketch artist but with plaster art,obviously It has to be
painted so colorful it is. The cool thing about this like I said above the picture was taken in a black and white time and I dont believe the picture has ever been in color, so this should be a nice surprise for Mr. Fenn

When you see someone  doing good in the world, and they need help. You just have to find away to help. Big or small!

This has nothing to do with art, but I am feeling the “power of love ” today and just want to share a story  with you.         It is October, breast cancer awareness month. 7 years ago I started working for a company  named Athenas home novelties, through my cousin.  Amazing company  and owner (shout out to Jennifer  jolicoeur. ) they’re an adult  and spa novelties company. Now I dont work for the company  any more not because  of them but because  after two tries I realised  I wasnt very good at it. You know that saying if you dont atleast  break even after  the first year of business  its probably  not going to work. Well yeah so that’s what happened, but every company  should be more like this one as far as how its run and their values. The owner of this company  Jennifer jolicoeur  you can find her on facebook. Had this crazy idea 10 years ago to start collecting  bra’s at her athenas parties. It would be a way for her goddesses and Adonis  to connect with their guests  and raise awareness  for breast  cancer.  The goal is also to beat the Guinness  book of world records  for most bras linked together which Australia currently has with 169,000 bras linked. Afterward all the bras will be donated  to breast cancer patients, survivors, and battered womens shelters.  The bras that cant be donated will be cut up to make quilts  for patients  and the backs will be used to fix turtle shells so they are going to be saving turtles too. How cool is that? All of that was thought up in jen’s  living room with 9 other women.  One of which  got cancer and has since  pass.. RIP.. patty. 1 out of 9 people…. Get Checked. It only take a little while out of your day to save your life..   so for 10 years they have been collecting  bras, with NO MEDIA  help I just want to state that because  it’s very important.  It’s all been done by people connecting  with people. Woman  literally  taking their bras off and handing them to you saying “here.. it’s a little sweaty😁 ” 7 out off the 10 years I’ve been involved with this watching the bra numbers growing and the beautiful  connection  being made. It just makes you feel some kind of happy. The power of love! People, the power of love is a beautiful  thing and it doesn’t  cost  much to be kind. So let me get to my point this has all been done without big media none at all really. This month 9 days  ago they started hooking the bras together.  There are… drum roll pleaseđŸ„đŸ„đŸ„over 200,000 bras because people keep bringing them even still😁 how ever to get this done jenn needs alot of help. Volunteers to judge bras measure bras log bras hook bras ect. And because their was not a whole lot of media there wasnt a whole lot of volunteers that came flocking.. I really want to see this happen for her because she does so much good in this world, I cant begin to tell you it’s so much. Both her and her husband, they are just genuinely good people. I cant financially get there because I am 13 hours away with three kids in school a house car Bill’s all that. Anyways so I’ve been doing what I can at home.. sending people to them. I first started with Facebook till I got put in Facebook jail for posting so much and I’m assuming because it said HOOKERS needed…lol but for one that’s what shes always called us was hookers because we are hooking the bras literally and you cant tell me if I put hooker needed it’s not going to get your attention. 😁I fully explained everything in the post

and posted flyers and video of the happenings. Evidently someone didnt like it and put me in facebook jail. So then I started contacting every big celebrity I could think of. Ellen DeGeneres show I dont know how many different ways by the way I’ve not gotten a response ellen. A very special man I’m not going to name. Susan g Komen and a few others. NOTHING at least I didnt know about any. So this weekend i was feeling disappointed and discouraged because i felt as though no one was hearing me and all my efforts were for nothing.. but through it all this lady has not given up. I mean they have gone through I dont know how many tents because they keep blowing over, rain for three days, busted toes and countless blisters and they are doing this at rivers edge park in woonsocket Rhode so it’s out side in a huge field with all the bras laid out in a chain on the ground. All I can think is they need help desperately to get this done before all the bras are too ruined and cant be donated. As of yesterday they had 112,000 bras linked together it’s taken 9 days to get that far and still have quite bit to go.. so yesterday while I was feeling discouraged my husband was home and he and I reached out to the locals of rhode island, girl scouts, chick filet universities and their students. Any one we thought would send help and by the bus loads.. so this morning I was watching one of the many video on Jennifer jolicoeur Facebook page and I just want to send a shout out to the girls scouts of America because they came through.. the point of all this is dont give up on your dreams and when you see someone in need of help especially if they are doing good in the world. Step up and help in any way you can.. so if you are reading this from today Oct 13 2019 to the 16 atleast they still need our help big or small everything counts to get this done. And always be kind stay humble “the power of love”

The dates are changed for this week too

Painting tips for beginners

Good evening everyone. I wanted to share a few painting tips for blending colors with every one while its Fresh on my mind. Blending color when painting can be one of the most difficult thing to achieve when painting especially with oil or acrylic paints. Now when painting my go to technique is feather brush and for those of you who dont know what that it. It’s when you put paint on your brush and them dab as much off as you can with just a little paint still on the brush. Then when you put the brush on the picture you use a down ward or up. Depending on what your doing, brush strokes with a little pressure to make the paint blend together, it’s great for layers when you need just a touch of this and that here and there. So here I am painting a landscape picture with snow capped rocky mountains and green hills. The feather brush worked great on the snow capped mountains and looks beautiful so I start painting the hills and at one point I dipped my brush in my water straight into the paint with out drying it and put it on the picture with out realizing it. And oh my god the colos started blending beautifully and I found that you can paint a portion before it drys just put your brush in water and either do downwards or upwards not both brush strokes and it does the same.. so that’s just an easy way to blend colors with oil or acrylic paints. Happy painting every one.. ps. Word from the wise dont use black if possible “it’s just depressing ” ff.

A fresh start

This is my very first blog entry, this is also my very first blog ever. So please bare with me while I navigate this thing. My name is Felicia M. I am a stay at home mom and a wife, I am a artist, I say by heart😍 anything artsy I am all in. As a child I was in ceramics classes for quite a few years and as a teen I was enrolled in the art institute of America, thanks to my #1 fan, my mom.

My husband and I make costume tshirts. I do pottery and I just started dabbling into plaster art. Which I honestly cant get enough of, it is so fun and relaxing and messy…lol so I am at that point do I want to continue with my art or am I going to give it up for good. Because for about 15 years I didnt do a any art, after I left the art institute I just quit it all, very dumb I know . I was young and trying to find myself, I got very side tracked.. but since starting this whole plaster art thing I have really found my love for art again, and it feels so good. So here I am… Now your thinking plaster art, why? Well I’ll tell you why. When you go into an art gallery your not suppose to touch the art.. did you know that? But its human nature to want to touch it. Right? I know I do, and I have đŸ€«đŸ™ˆ I cant lie.. 😁 but you want to know what it is, is it oil paint, water color, real or print, and if there’s texture, of god that’s it I just have to touch it. That’s the point of my art. Not just looking at it but connecting with the work and the artist, me!😎 even if you can’t see physically you can still enjoy my art work and that’s the beauty of it, and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them. Please stay tuned for more to come, all art work is for sale.😘 be kind stay humble “power of love”

Peace Dragon